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A Personal Note from Jo Crowe-Joines

Jo Crowe-Joines

A warm hello from the North Carolina Mountains! The real estate market is continuing to improve and all of us at Appalachian Land Company are very excited to see so many people pursuing their dreams to own property in the mountains. It is a worthy desire, one that will bring much to your quality of […]

How Important Are First Impressions When Selling Your Home?

Buyers form their first impressions of your home as they drive up to it and then as they approach the front door and enter. What they see and smell shape their whole experience. A well-kept yard and inviting front entryway are harbingers of pleasant things to come! A clean, uncluttered, fresh-smelling house makes it easy […]

Short Sales Get a Tune-Up

Federal foreclosure-prevention tactics have recently been expanded to encourage delinquent borrowers to avoid foreclosure by streamlining the short sale process. Cash incentives are also being offered to the homeowners, as well as to the lenders and the buyers. Perhaps the best feature of the new legislation requires the lenders to advise the sellers what their […]

Adjusting the Seasoning

There are three basic ingredients in the recipe for selling a home: location, condition, and price. Sellers have the most control over that final ingredient, price. If a home isn’t selling after a couple months, that element will likely need some adjustment. Generally, if your home isn’t selling in the average amount of time that […]

The Value of Escrow and PMI

As you plan to buy a home, seek pre-approval for financing so that you’ll know how much home you can afford and how much to budget for monthly mortgage payments. Aside from the financed amount, some other regular expenses associated with homeownership will also impact your payment amount. First is homeowner’s insurance that provides protection […]