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Stephanie Pellecchia

Administrative Assistant
Office: 828.837.9199

Stephanie grew up in rural Ohio and moved to Florida when she was 21, but missed the change of seasons and country lifestyle. She worked for the St Lucie, Florida County Clerk of Court for 18 years before moving to Murphy.

Stephanie and her husband Russ would bring their RV to the Appalachian Mountains on vacations and dreamed of retiring to this area. While on vacation in 2019, they fell in love with a little house and bought it with plans of renting it out until they retired. After realizing how brief life is, they decided to accelerate their moving plan. Stephanie moved to Murphy in July 2022 and has no regrets. She loves visiting all of the nearby small towns and festivals. There is always something to see and do in this beautiful area.

Stephanie enjoys working for William Joines and Jo Crowe-Joines as their administrative assistant. After her high-stress government job, she appreciates the caring, cooperative work environment they’ve established. Stephanie feels it’s a blessing to be part of a company where everyone is honest, has Christ-centered values, and genuinely gets along with each other.